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Sat Aug 6 03:13:24 UTC 2011

America/Resolute contains errors which I documented in a posting to this list on March 21/2011.
The errors were due to some incorrect information I received via phone and e-mail.

Here is a patch for the "northamerica" and "" files:

diff -u old/northamerica new/northamerica
--- old/northamerica	2011-06-15 11:05:20.000000000 +0000
+++ new/northamerica	2011-08-06 02:51:01.000000000 +0000
@@ -1965,14 +1965,12 @@
 			-6:00	Canada	C%sT	2000 Oct 29 2:00
 			-5:00	Canada	E%sT
 # aka Qausuittuq
-Rule	Resolute 2006	max	-	Nov	Sun>=1	2:00	0	ES
-Rule	Resolute 2007	max	-	Mar	Sun>=8	2:00	0	CD
 Zone America/Resolute	0	-	zzz	1947 Aug 31 # Resolute founded
 			-6:00	NT_YK	C%sT	2000 Oct 29 2:00
 			-5:00	-	EST	2001 Apr  1 3:00
 			-6:00	Canada	C%sT	2006 Oct 29 2:00
-			-5:00	Resolute	%sT
+			-5:00	-	EST	2007 Mar 11 3:00
+			-6:00	Canada	C%sT
 # aka Kangiqiniq
 Zone America/Rankin_Inlet 0	-	zzz	1957 # Rankin Inlet founded
 			-6:00	NT_YK	C%sT	2000 Oct 29 2:00
diff -u old/ new/
--- old/	2011-06-15 22:33:42.000000000 +0000
+++ new/	2011-08-06 02:39:36.000000000 +0000
@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@
 CA	+4823-08915	America/Thunder_Bay	Eastern Time - Thunder Bay, Ontario
 CA	+6344-06828	America/Iqaluit	Eastern Time - east Nunavut - most locations
 CA	+6608-06544	America/Pangnirtung	Eastern Time - Pangnirtung, Nunavut
-CA	+744144-0944945	America/Resolute	Eastern Standard Time - Resolute, Nunavut
+CA	+744144-0944945	America/Resolute	Central Time - Resolute, Nunavut
 CA	+484531-0913718	America/Atikokan	Eastern Standard Time - Atikokan, Ontario and Southampton I, Nunavut
 CA	+624900-0920459	America/Rankin_Inlet	Central Time - central Nunavut
 CA	+4953-09709	America/Winnipeg	Central Time - Manitoba & west Ontario


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Subject: America/Resolute

Back in 2007 I initiated the creation of a new "zone file" for Resolute Bay.
Resolute Bay is a small community located about 900km north of the Arctic Circle.
The zone file was required because Resolute Bay had decided to use UTC-5 instead of UTC-6 for the winter of 2006-2007.

According to new information which I received last week, Resolute Bay went back to using UTC-6 in the winter of 2007-2008.
This new information conflicts with information I received in November 2008.
Assuming the new information is correct, a change is required for "America/Resolute"
Details are below. Sorry this post is so long.


On March 11/2007 most of Canada went onto daylight saving.
On March 14/2007 I phoned the Resolute Bay hamlet office to do a "time check".
I talked to somebody that was both knowledgeable and helpful.
I was able to confirm that Resolute Bay was still operating on UTC-5.
It was explained to me that Resolute Bay had been on the Eastern Time zone (EST) in the winter, and was now back on the Central Time zone (CDT).
i.e. the time zone had changed twice in the last year but the clocks had not moved.
The residents had to know which time zone they were in so they could follow the correct TV schedule.


I did not contact anybody in Resolute Bay for the next year and a half.


On Nov 02/2008 most of Canada went onto standard time.
On Nov 03/2008 I phoned the Resolute Bay hamlet office.  I talked to a woman who had difficulty understanding anything I asked.  She managed to tell me that Resolute Bay had changed to "Eastern Time" the day before.  I don't recall any elaboration on what this meant.  That was all I got out of the call.  I don't remember whether or not I tried to do a "time check".
I was left with the impression that Resolute Bay was still stuck on UTC-5 (EST in winter and CDT in summer).
However, due to the challenging nature of the phone call, I decided to seek out an alternate source of information.
I found an e-mail address for somebody by the name of Stephanie Adams whose job was listed as "Inns North Support Officer for Arctic Co-operatives".  I was under the impression that Stephanie lived and worked in Resolute Bay.
Note: I don't think this was same Stephanie Adams that appeared in the center of a well known U.S. based magazine.
I sent an e-mail to Stephanie on Nov 03/2008.  Stephanie forwarded my e-mail to somebody by the name of Silvano Cendou; I have no information on who Silvano is.

On Nov 05/2008, Silvano responded with this:
	'Hi Stephanie
	Resolute Bay did not turn their clocks back on Sunday!
	They kept the same time as they had proir to the change.
 	Hope this helps you 

Stephanie forwarded Silvano's e-mail back to me.

The phone calls and the e-mails all pointed to the permanent use of UTC-5 with a "time zone change" twice a year.
On Nov 13/2008 I sent a post to this mailing list; I stated that Resolute Bay was still using Eastern Standard Time in winter and Central Daylight Time in summer.


I did not contact anybody in Resolute Bay for the next two and a half years.


On March 14/2011 I phoned the hamlet office again.
I was told that Resolute Bay had been using Central Standard Time over the winter of 2010-2011 and that the clocks had therefore been moved one hour ahead on March 13/2011.
The person I talked to was aware that Resolute Bay had previously experimented with Eastern Standard Time but he could not tell me when the practice had stopped.


On March 17/2011 I searched the Web to find an e-mail address of somebody that might be able to tell me exactly when Resolute Bay went off Eastern Standard Time.
I stumbled on the name "Aziz Kheraj".
Aziz used to be the mayor of Resolute Bay and he apparently owns half the businesses including "South Camp Inn".
This website has some info on Aziz:

I sent Aziz an e-mail asking when Resolute Bay had stopped using Eastern Standard Time.

Aziz responded quickly with this:
	'hi,  The time was not changed for the 1 year only,
	the following year, the community went back to the old way of
	" spring ahead-fall behind"
	currently we are zulu plus 5 hrs and in the winter Zulu plus 6 hrs'

This of course conflicted with everything I had ascertained in November 2008.

I sent Aziz a copy of my 2008 e-mail exchange with Stephanie.
Aziz responded with this:
	'Hi,  Stephanie lives in Winnipeg.  I live here,
	You may want to check with the weather office in Resolute Bay
	or do a search on the weather through Env. Canada.  web site'


If I had realized the Stephanie did not live in Resolute Bay I would never have contacted her.
I now believe that all the information I obtained in November 2008 should be ignored.

Assuming Aziz is correct, America/Resolute needs some changes.

I think it would be best to delete the "Resolute" rule, and then change "America/Resolute" to look like this:
Zone America/Resolute   0       -       zzz     1947 Aug 31 # Resolute founded
                        -6:00   NT_YK   C%sT    2000 Oct 29 2:00
                        -5:00   -       EST     2001 Apr  1 3:00
                        -6:00   Canada  C%sT    2006 Oct 29 2:00
                        -5:00   -       EST     2007 Mar 11 3:00
                        -6:00   Canada  C%sT

The comments in should be reverted back to: "Central Time - Resolute, Nunavut"

I apologize for reporting incorrect information in 2008.

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