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For Samoa, some additional detail about whether there is daylight savings or

>From the Samoa Daylight Savings 2009 act:-

3. Daylight saving-(1) The Head of State, acting on the advice of Cabinet,
may by Order:

(a) declare any period of consecutive days as a daylight saving period; and

(b) for the purpose of subsection (2), specify a number of hours, or parts
of an hour, up to two (2) hours; and

(c) subject to subsection (3), specify the date and time in which the
daylight saving period starts and ends.

(2) During the daylight saving period, the time for general purposes
throughout Samoa will be in advance of the standard time by the number of
hours, or parts of an hour, specified in the Order.

(3) A daylight saving period declared under subsection (1)(c) shall start
and end at a specified time that is between midnight on a Saturday and 6
a.m. on a Sunday.

(4) An Order under subsection (1) may by a similar Order be revoked or
varied or be substituted by a further Order and whilst an Order remains in
force it shall have effect in respect of the daylight saving period as
specified in the Order or as varied.

In Summary
there maybe or maybe not daylight savings in any year and there may not be
much notice.  If there is no actual announcement for a year, it should be
assumed there is not.  Certainly, no Rule can be defined for this.
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