3 Russian regions may change time zones on October 30, 2011

Alexander Krivenyshev worldtimezone at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 22 01:14:54 UTC 2011

According to a government proposal published a few weeks ago on the Ministry 
of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Web site, 3 Russian regions 
may change time zones this autumn: 
Vladivostok (Primorsky region) – Move from MSK+7 to MSK +6
Sakha (Yakutia) – 3 current time zones collapsed into a single zone MSK+6 
Irkutsk region – Move from MSK+5 to MSK +4

This document confirms that Moscow will use UTC+4 year round and all other 
regions except those listed above will keep current Summer time year round.

Below are a few translated citations from original Russian government proposal:

DRAFT DECISION OF THE GOVERNMENT OF Russian Federation “On the composition of 
the territories that make up each time zone, and the procedure of calculation 
of time within time zones, and the Repeal of certain resolutions of the 
Government of the Russian Federation on August 8, 2011”

On October 30, 2011, at 02:00 local time the following new time calculations 
will be applied:

Irkutsk region will use the 5th Russian time zone (MSK +4)
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will use the 7th Russian time zone (MSK +6)
Primorsky Krai (Vladivostok) will use the 7th Russian time zone (MSK +6)

This draft proposal was signed by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The original draft proposal was posted and is currently unavailable to view 
from the official government Web site.  However, there is ongoing Russian 
media coverage and Worldtimezone.com was able to save the original posting.  

It can be viewed at the following link (use Google translation from Russian):


Worldtimezone.com will keep you posted as new developments become available.

Alexander Krivenyshev,

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