Standard Time Zones & Local Mean Time

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Sat May 7 13:12:21 UTC 2011

I think I saw a comment in the database portion (Eurpoe file) that there was 
a standard zone as early as 1835 around Belgium / Netherlands.

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> Does anyone have insight into the dates when standard timezones, based 
> from Greenwich and at 15 degree intervals (as are still used in 
> international waters) started coming into general acceptance or law? Am I 
> correct to assume that the first place to use 'standard time' was Britain 
> in 1847, but that the international acceptance of a 'world' timezone 
> system based on GMT offsets only really started with Sir Andrew Fleming's 
> proposals in 1879?
> Also, before that, when did 'mean time' as opposed to 'solar time' start 
> coming into general acceptance? I read that it was when accurate 
> mechanical clocks started becoming available in the early 1800s. Anyone 
> have an approximate date for first adoption of mean time by a city?

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