DateTime::TimeZone::Tzfile for tz-link.htm

Zefram zefram at
Sat Oct 1 14:05:37 UTC 2011

(I sent this a week ago but it seems to have been lost.)

Possible addition to the "Other tz binary file readers" part of tz-link.htm:

	<a href="">DateTime::TimeZone::Tzfile</a>
	is a <code>tz</code> binary file reader written in Perl.
	It is freely available under the same terms as Perl
	(dual <abbr>GPL</abbr> and Artistic license).

You already have a note about DateTime::TimeZone in a different section.
There's work underway to make DT:TZ use DT:TZ:Tzfile for its Olson needs,
but currently they're essentially unrelated.


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