[tz] temporary timezone database home ...

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Fri Oct 7 04:47:54 UTC 2011

First, I am assuming this copy of the list is actually functioning,
(and I've just received jhawk's message which demonstrates that it is)
I don't believe it has been used for actual messages before that one,
but as ado has indicated that the list at elsie has been (for now
anyway) terminated - and given the plan was to migrate from it eventually
anyway, may never return, we can but hope this version of the list
is functional.

Some of you who receive this message may have been removed from the
elsie version of the list recently, or altered your subscription details
 - if that applies to you, use the iana.org message sent on the 1st of
this month to all subscribers to their list for instructions on how to
modify or delete your subscription.

Don't send requests to me (or anyone else on the list) there's nothing I
(or we) can do about it - and most certainly, do not send requests to the
list itself asking to be removed.

Unfortunately, there are probably a few people who were added to the elsie
list since it was cloned at iana.org but there's nothing much we can do
about that - if anyone is contacted by anyone who believes they should be
on the list, but is no longer receiving messages, direct them to the iana
website for list subscriptions.

Next, while elsie's ftp server is shut down, munnari.oz.au isn't, and the
tz database & code remains available from here.   Further, I will not
respond to requests from (almost) anyone to cease making those files
available (including Arthur and Paul - but by all means feel free to try
if you need to to satisfy some obligation to cease making the data
available - I'll ignore you, but you will at least have used every reasonable

Second, regardless of this, the world's governments continue to adjust
their view of their local timezones & summer time adjustments, so we
need to continue updating the database (at least).   There are several
updates that will be needed soon.

For now, until someone else volunteers, I'm prepared to make the updates,
in much the same way that Arthur did, and then make new releases available
from munnari's ftp server.  I suspect that it is unlikely that either Arthur
or Paul will be able to assist much with this in the coming months, so
I'm hoping that others will assist where possible.

For now, I'm aware of changes needed for Armenia, Fiji, Bolivia, Brazil,
and of course, the changes that (might be) needed for Russia.  If there's
anything else I missed, please let me know.

Unfortunately, I don't have the sccs (or is it rcs or something these days)
master files, so I won't be able to do quite the same job that Arthur did,
but I can keep all versions so they can be checked into a version control
system later.

It would be good if a few others, especially people in jurisdictions that
tend not to simply bow down to US court rulings, would keep copies of the
code and data, and make them publicly available via ftp or http (this
is not of huge public interest, the resources needed to provide this
service should not be very noticeable).

All I know of the lawsuit is what jhawk's message indicated - eventually
I assume we'll find out what trademark or patent that someone believes is
being infringed (a little hard to believe either, but who knows...)

The URL's of the current versions of the files from munnari.oz.au are ...


and of course, the historical files (most versions that were ever previously
released) are in ftp://munnari.oz.au/pub/oldtz/ 


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