[tz] Source material used by ACS atlas book editions

Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Fri Oct 7 15:03:13 UTC 2011


I don't quite understand why you fear this, but I am not a lawyer and 
not familiar with US law.

I will use other channels for such contributions, if there should be any.

As material for Olson's and Eggert's defense I think these quotes of 
Shanks's sources are relevant. Later (current) editions of the books  do 
no longer mention any sources, only the old editions do. They confirm in 
writing that Shanks copied most of his data from other published sources.

Knowledge of the sources will make it rather easy to clean up TZ files 
from quotes of Shanks.

I think personally that no such cleanup should happen. The lawsuit 
should be fought and will be won by Olson and Eggert, as their use they 
make of Shanks' data is fully legitimate.

Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> Please don't send more information like this. You may contaminate the
> new list and expand the lawsuit.
> Stephen

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