[tz] A history maintaining repository for tzdata

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Oct 9 11:14:27 UTC 2011

Kevin Lyda wrote:
> I have never really used Windows so I was unaware of this issue.  I
> actually started using DVCS with hg, but trends really seem to be
> favouring git over hg and bzr from what I've been reading.  I don't
> want to start a VCS war though so I can look at providing both a git
> and hg repo (I think the migration from git to hg is pretty simple).
> I could put both up onto bitbucket.org - they now support both
> formats.  And a Windows version would likely be very useful for legal
> assistance reasons - I suspect lawyers and judges might not be Unix
> users...

Kevin ...
At the present time, there is no need to add a separate hg 'master'. I'm having 
to live with 'git' but it's a no-brainer since hg happily imports and works with 
git repo's just as if they were hg anyway. Today it's just easier to pander to 
the git camp by having a git 'master' but looking at the next generation of DVCS 
coming along, there may well be an alternate migration later. git is geared to 
compiled source code as is hg, but extending things to manage bug reporting, 
document control such as user manuals and even releases is an area where an 
alternate base may be a better starting point. I can see a point in the future 
when all the hand merging that you are having to do will be done automatically 
even from the original source control methods :)

As for 'releases', as you say, both git and hg get extending with scripts that 
replace the 'compile' step with a suitable 'build' cycle creating a distribution 
pack rather than a compiled program.

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