[tz] tzdata2011l.tar.gz

Ian Abbott abbotti at mev.co.uk
Mon Oct 10 17:41:51 UTC 2011

On 2011-10-10 17:42, David Zülke wrote:
> On 10.10.2011, at 06:42, Robert Elz wrote:
>> The file ...
>> 	ftp://munnari.oz.au/pub/tzdata2011l.tar.gz
>> ...is now available; this reflects changes circulated last week on the time
>> zone mailing list.
>> There are just 2 changes that cause different generated tzdata files from
>> zic, to Asia/Hebron and Pacific/Fiji - the possible change for Bahia, Brazil
>> is included, but commented out.  Compared with the diff I sent out last week,
>> this version also includes attributions for the sources for the changes
>> (in much the same format as ado used, but the html tags have not been
>> checked, verified, or used in any way at all, so if there are errors there,
>> please let me know.)
> You did not increment the version numbers in the files you changed,
> so southamerica is still at 8.50, northamerica still at 8.49,
> australasia still at 8.27 and asia still at 8.68.

Those version numbers are automatically generated by the SCCS version
control system that Arthur uses, not entered manually.  Since neither
Robert nor anyone else other than Arthur (with the possible exception of
Paul?) have access to the master repository, the automatic generation is
not possible.  It still begs the question of what to do about them for
these releases while everything's still up in the air pending the court

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