[tz] A history maintaining repository for tzdata

Kevin Lyda kevin at ie.suberic.net
Fri Oct 14 13:27:52 UTC 2011

I've updated the tz-history-scripts to include kre's most recent release
and to generate either git or hg repositories.  These can obviously be
useful to the current (or future) maintainer, but from reading patches
on the list it's clear that others have used things like git or RCS
(for example, kre and eggert) even while ado was using SCCS.  So these
scripts (or more likely, the example repos) could be useful to
future contributors.

The scripts are here:


Example repositories are here:

Git version: https://github.com/lyda/tz
Hg version: https://bitbucket.org/lyda/tz

A note on the example repositories, don't send pull requests to them.
And I wouldn't suggest using github or bitbucket's forking feature.
First, I'm not the maintainer.  If kre wants to make his own repo and
               publish that, he'll let folks know.  Secondly, when I
get new data I will
at times blow them away and recreate them.

If you clone from them (and please do, it's what they are there for),
update your .git/config or your .hg/hgrc to remove mention of where you
cloned them from to avoid issues when I do reset them.  They're there
as an example and as a convenience for people who don't want to use the
scripts and download all the data.

And it's an understandable thing to avoid:

The total size of all the tarballs is: 46M
The mercurial repo is: 3.2M
The git repo is: 3.0M

Clearly a DVCS is better at compressing files than tar and gzip! :)


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