[tz] ICANN News Alert - ICANN to Manage Time Zone Database

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Sat Oct 15 05:52:25 UTC 2011

I had not yet sent any messages to the list about this, as there is not
yet anything certain to say.

People here can largely ignore the press release, there is no actual
intent to change anything that we have been doing, except perhaps to
provide another (and perhaps more long term stable) home for releases
to be made available (and possibly the home for a more open repository
of some form).

What use we make of all of this will be decided here, just as was always
planned when this process started after Arthur indicated that he planned
to retire, and requested that we start the process of finding a plan for
the future.

Part of this will be (eventually) to select a co-ordinator for the
project - there's no need to rush into anything right now, we don't even
know yet whether Arthur will return to the project after the legal issues
are sorted out.

Again, all this is just continuing the process started way back in
August, 2009.   There's no question but that the events of the past
week or so have added some impetus to the process, but that's all.

I have been in communication (a little indirect for now, but it is
happening) with IANA / ICANN people, who I believe have also had some
contact with Arthur.   When there is anything more substantial to
report, I'll certainly let everyone know.


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