[tz] Irish time...

Kevin Lyda kevin at ie.suberic.net
Sun Oct 16 11:10:06 UTC 2011

The first entry in the europe zone file for Ireland is as follows:

Rule    GB-Eire 1916    only    -       May     21      2:00s   1:00    BST
However I don't think it's correct.  I'm not sure how far back we want
to go, but apparently from 1880 up until October, 1916, Dublin was 25
minutes off from London.  When the clocks were set back in October
1916, they were set back 35 minutes - which would seem to cast doubt
on the second line for GB-Eire:

Rule    GB-Eire 1916    only    -       Oct      1      2:00s   0       GMT

And 25 minutes, as noted in the file was an oversimplification.  A web
page with more detail is here (I've cc'd Dave who might have more


And apparently there were places in Ireland observing the Dunsink
based "Dublin Mean Time" up to the 1940s:


In addition, Belfast seems to have had yet another timezone.  How did
the British actually manage to build an empire anyway?


Kevin Lyda
Dublin, Ireland
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