[tz] Introduction and apology for slamming you "with that TZ is a legal thing" commentary out of the blue.

Todd Glassey tglassey at certichron.com
Thu Oct 20 18:29:35 UTC 2011

On 10/20/2011 11:07 AM, Eliot Lear wrote:
> Todd,
> To be clear, my goals for the work of the IETF and IANA have been simply
> to support the good works of this community as time invariably marches
> on.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.
Understood. And based on the feedback I think maybe that I will recant 
my request to alter the existing doc. Let me respond further below.
> Anything that would disturb this
> community would not be an acceptable change, in my view.
> However, as I believe you know, at this point in time, the draft is
> approved by the IESG and only small changes will be permitted.
> Eliot
Elliot - What I think needs to be done is that we need to publish the 
draft and expand on it in a Management of the DB Draft which would be 
published as a second I-D.

I also think that IANA is not the best place for this but it will work 
for now until the lawsuit gets around to naming it and ISOC. I don't 
think the case is winnable for Astrolabe unless they are  talking about 
additional commentary in the book. The ISO Country and TZ codes are 
clearly not their property and since they are 'merely reporting on a 
value set by a legal authority' they also likely have no claim there.

Also - what they were not aware of (no doubt their greed blinded them) 
that the NIH access model protected them from publication errors they 
may have made as well since as noted that data is property of the 
parties setting it.

So my proposal is now that you continue with the document with the idea 
it will be updated and that supporting materials will be added.

I would suggest a TZ Management Service draft as that umbrella document 
and underneath it do a User Access  doc, a Provider Update doc, and 
maybe a document on UN interfaces as well.


Todd S. Glassey - CISM CIFI
CTO Certichron Inc

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