[tz] Is there a high-level conversion process description available?

Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Mon Oct 24 09:23:23 UTC 2011

While zic is the official converter of the textual tzdata files, there 
exists a variety of independent implementations which read and process 
the tzdata files.

You find a list of tz compilers in Paul Eggert's info page 

I would assume that by studying their source code you will be able to 
learn what you need to know.

Personally, I would not recommend of writing yet another tz compiler. 
Reading and processing the binary files created by zic seems to me a 
much cleaner and more reliable approach.

On 23.10.11 23:01, Willy at willylorenzo.com wrote:

> I know nothing about Unix or the c/c++/java languages so I know have
> a steep learning curve if I want to understand the existing tz
> code...but I’m hoping that if I can understand the zone conversion
> process then I can write the necessary code.   I’ve got the nearly
> 5300 lines of rules, zones, leaps, and links stored in a Notes db for
> easier manipulation, and I can take a zone UNTIL or a rule and year
> and produce a date from it.  So it’s a start.

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