[tz] tzdata2011m.tar.gz

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Mon Oct 24 15:04:01 UTC 2011

The file
...is now available; this reflects changes circulated last week on the time
zone mailing list, with minor corrections as pointed out on the list.

In particular, the typos in comments in the data (2011-11-17 should have
been 2011-10-17 as Alan Barrett noted, and spelling of Tiraspol that
Tim Parenti noted) have been fixed, and the change for Ukraine has been
made in all 4 Ukrainian zones, rather than just Kiev (again, thanks to
Tim Parenti, and also Denys Gavrysh)

In addition, I added Europe/Tiraspol to zone.tab.

This time, all the files have new version numbers...  (including the files
otherwise unchanged in 2011m that were changed in 2011l but didn't get new
version numbers there...)

Still no proper signatures, so once again, crypto digest values using
several algorithms (from the NetBSD pkgsrc digest program) are appended,
and can be used to verify that the file you fetched is the same as the one
I generated.


MD5 (tzdata2011m.tar.gz) = 6dc4455b62c951dcf367a239ca249e69
RMD160 (tzdata2011m.tar.gz) = e5b56e7d1be05a43fe3acd64522831475c2c531e
SHA1 (tzdata2011m.tar.gz) = e6374cd41c5bffd7ade27c365c4bdc5213bb9d85
SHA512 (tzdata2011m.tar.gz) = 4d37ad2f4f2d89f7dadc70a5abb8bc946ff4668501723aea5f8a33ac0aa2b97df907753ae02a1b8d55e80d03cf4c22fcaac5e403a9a3b853514431213441e963
TIGER (tzdata2011m.tar.gz) = cff43577a2aa395b1057dce91ea0f9a10bf282c466fe421e
WHIRLPOOL (tzdata2011m.tar.gz) = 33c5a59121de3499e1c07beb353c77ac6ecb33ff96fc397985811194e133f83743effd3e015ea0640e8d701ac42505b6c48250f33cd800e54744367f9a5603df

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