[tz] Sydney, Australia (and other places) DST indication (or lack thereof)

Willy at willylorenzo.com Willy at willylorenzo.com
Mon Oct 31 21:02:19 UTC 2011

I appreciate the info. Several of the links given in the Australasia file 
are broken, which, of course, makes it impossible to review the 
referenced source, but I can see that this is a muddled subject.  

The only suggestion I would make is that if the "S" in EST is referring to 
both "standard" and "summer", then the FORMAT should be EST/EST...and 
maybe a "# (S)tandard/(S)ummer" comment added.  At the very least it 
clearly indicates the decision that's been made for daylight saving time 

As to what it should be...I'll leave that to the Australians (oh 
wait...isn't that the problem to begin with?) ;)

On Mon Oct 31 12:55:06 2011 "Bill Tiede" <billt at chaossoftware.com> wrote:

> For WorldTimeServer.com at least, we used two government sources for our 
time zone abbreviations for Australia:
> 1. Australia.gov.au at  
> 2. Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology at   
> There has been plenty of discussion in the past about how official these 
abbreviations are or how widely accepted within Australia these are, so 
keep in mind I'm not trying to reopen debate or anything, just responding 
to the question about where we got the idea to call it what we have.
> Best Regards,
> Bill Tiede
> www.ChaosSoftware.com; www.WorldTimeServer.com

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