another slight uncertainty in zone Europe/Paris resolved

Alois Treindl alois at
Fri Sep 16 13:51:18 UTC 2011

In zone Europe/Paris one finds this comment:
# Shanks & Pottenger give 1940 Jun 14 0:00; go with Excoffier and Le Corre.
                       0:00    France  WE%sT   1940 Jun 14 23:00

I have found a documented source, which confirms that le Corre is 
correct and Shanks incorrect:

Yvonne Poulle quotes in her article 'La France a l'heure allemande' the 
'Bulletin municipal officiel', the official Paris city bulletin of 
1940-06-15, which consisted only of one sheet of paper, with the 
following instruction for the population of Paris and Seine:
--- (my translation from French)
The prefecture of the Seine and the prefecture of the police 
communicate: The population is invited to advance clocks and watches on 
June 14th at 23 hours, so that they are adjusted forward to midnight.
--- end quote

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