Post-1970 errors in Russian zones, suggest zones Asia/Tomsk, Asia/Barnaul

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I know that Wikipedia is not reliable, still I would like to start with:

Так, например, регионы Западной Сибири, ранее находившиеся в зоне
MSK+4, перешли на время MSK+3, присоединившись к Омскому времени:
Новосибирская область 23 мая 1993 в 00:00, Алтайский край и Республика
Алтай 28 мая 1995 в 4:00, Томская область 1 мая 2002 в 3:00. В этих
регионах фактически было отменено декретное время.

Moves to Omsk Time
1993-05-23 Novosibirsk Oblast
(Новосибирская область 23 мая 1993 в 00:00)

1995-05-28 Altai Krai, Altai Oblast
(Алтайский край и Республика Алтай 28 мая 1995 в 4:00)
Suggested new zone:
Asia/Barnaul, split from Asia/Omsk

2002-05-01 Tomsk Oblast
(Томская область 1 мая 2002 в 3:00)
Supported by
Suggested new zone:
Asia/Tomsk, split from Asia/Novosibirsk

If one looks at the map as of today
shows Asia/Omsk as two regions, in the west
Omsk Oblast, interrupted by Asia/Novosibirsk
in the east Altai Krai and Altai Oblast.

Asia/Novosibirsk has Novosibirsk Oblast in the south
and Tomsk Oblast in the north. Novosibirsk Oblast
has Omsk Oblast in the west and the Altai entities in
the east.

That is the changes as written down in the Russian Wikipedia
lead to contiguous zones at any time, while the current rules
in tzdata do not.

Omsk Time as in Omsk Oblast, joined by bordering Novosibirsk
an eastward expansion, later joined by bordering Altai entities,
an eastward expansion, later joined by bordering Tomsk,
a northward expansion.
Later joined by Kemerovo Oblast, an eastward expansion. This
is covered by zone Asia/Novokuznetsk.

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