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Wed Sep 21 20:51:23 UTC 2011

You can just grab the latest, grab the previous, unpack both, diff -r on the two.


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Hi, I was wondering if it might be possible to modify the process create a .txt file containing the changes you are making for tz stuff.(like you indicated below) Eg. If you release a new file tzdata2011j.tar.gz, then you have on the same ftp server, tzdata2011j.txt or something like that. 
Please let me know if something like that is possible.

Alan Kaplan
Bloomberg LP

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The file...
...is now available; this reflects the changes circulated recently on the times zone mailing list (contemporary changes for Samoa; past changes for Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania); there are also two spelling corrections to comments in the australasia file (with thanks to Christos Zoulas).

I expect another version will appear soon to handle changes in the Middle East (and perhaps in Russia); folks seeking to avoid version churn may want to wait a bit.


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