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On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 2:13 PM, Yury Tarasievich
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> Well, I still support my proposal for EEFT (East Europe Forward Time).
> My argument is EEFT looks a lot like the previous denotation (EEST/EEDT) and
> is in fact based on it, and gets sensible precedence in lists,

> Also, the new element is stylistically neutral and doesn't introduce
> extraneous concepts.
It introduces the concept of forward time.

> E.g., the entity described isn't prevailingly "Eastern
> Eastern", like in EEET proposal (Kaliningrad, Belarus, Ukraine).
Yes, maybe better to stay away from Eastern Eastern, since Moscow
is even more Eastern.

>Also, it
> seems fairly good English (compared to FET).
And FET has only one E.

> I'm just against introducing a "theory" for this.
It was you who introduced: FT = forward time.

>This is, by now, a
> once-only action, and as we can't read
> the future, why bother with
> anticipating?
Because careful working can reduce the chance of having to deal with
extra problems in the future.

Anyway, I just intended to write down what you proposed. No theory
building beyond your theory.

>Even so, "forward" means just "moved forward", "in advance";
> but equvalising this to daylight saving, as in Tobias theory proposal, seems
> somewhat erroneous.
If calling it permanent summer time in the side note is the issue, one
could simply remove that from the FT line, it would then read:

"FT for forward time (only used for EEFT)."

Here is version 3 of my proposal:

Some generic endings are:
- T for time
- MT for mean time (e.g. GMT),
- ST for summer time (e.g. BST, CEST),
- DST for double summer time (e.g. BDST, MDST)
- FT for forward time (only used for EEFT).

The strings are also used in zone abbreviations without
having these meanings,
e.g. AFT = Afghanistan Time, ALMT = Alma-Ata Time,
IST = Indian Standard Time.

Zones that use ST to mean standard time commonly use
DT to mean daylight [saving] time, e.g. EST, EDT in North America.

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