Information wanted #1: time zone names in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Alexander Bokovoy abokovoy at
Tue Sep 27 07:29:02 UTC 2011

On Tue, 27 Sep 2011, Arthur David Olson wrote:
> I'm asking for information to use in specifying time zone abbreviations for
> Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.
> For all three I can use:
> 1. References to government documents that specify time zone names or
> abbreviations.
> 2. References to government documents that specify whether current time is
> considered to be
>    "standard" time or "saving" time.
Here is the bulletin containing Decree #1229 of Belarussian Council of 
Ministers (page 5, marked as 5/34447) that cancelled "saving" time:
1. Perform time measurement on the territory of Republic of Belarus 
in accordance with international time zones system using zone time 
plus one hour without transition to seasonal time.

2. Declare obsolete decree N317 (1996.05.13) of Belarussian Council of 
Ministers "Change of time measurement on territory of Republic of 

3. This decree comes in action at the time of its official publication.

Time terms in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine are regulated with GOST 8.567-99
which was taked in use in Belarus since 2001:

GOST itself (page scans):

It is worth to point that according to the GOST 8.567-99, (art. 
3.1.19) "zone time" is defined as "unified time within the same time 
zone (1/24th part of Earth area limited by meridians), measured using 
national scale of the coordinated time and distanced from it by number 
of hours equal to zone number". Further, in a comment to article 
3.1.19, it is defined that zone time corrected by the government is 
called "decree time".

In Russia in addition to Decree #725, there is Federal Law #107-FZ 
"Time calculation",, that 
defines specific terms. Russian time is defined relative to "Moscow 
time" which is, according to the law, article 5, "time of time zone in 
which the capital of Russian Federation -- Moscow city -- is 
situated". Decree #725 amends this definition by precisely defining 
that 'in accordance with article 5 law 107-FZ, Moscow time is UTC(SU)+4'.

In Belarus time calculation-related rules are defined and revised by 
Interdisciplinary commission on Time, Frequency, and Earth rotation 
measurments. Unfortunately, apart from the decree #403 that defined 
the Commission itself, I was unable to find any documented traces of 
its decisions (or my search-fu on is weak). (pages 7-9, marked as 

I have asked relevant people from National Metrology Institute of 
Belarus (BelGIM) of their opinion. Hopefully, the answer will come 
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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