Information wanted #1: time zone names in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Yury Tarasievich yury.tarasievich at
Tue Sep 27 15:36:22 UTC 2011

On 09/27/2011 06:01 PM, Tobias Conradi wrote:
>> In fact, rather than the abbreviations, I'd rather see designations based
>> somehow on the corresponding international timezones (/chasovyye poyasa/).
>> That's the long established practice here, after all. Something like UTC+3
>> or Z02+1 (w/r to the 0..23 numbering) would make do nicely both for Belarus
>> and Ukraine, at least.
> Using UTC+3 would according to tzcode2011i\Theory violate POSIX until 2000.

We can dispense with that notion, then.

> I run a website where I expect to have a letter only value. The UTC+3
> value exists anyway. Judging whether something is sensible needs a
> rule set for what is sensible or not.
> If sensibility refers to common practice and written down rules, then
> EEFT is more sensible than FET.

Well, yes, even if it's me saying that.
With regard to your other post, yes, the 
government resolution refers to the forward time 
concept, if indirectly.


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