[tz] tzdata2012c released

Robert Elz kre at munnari.OZ.AU
Mon Apr 2 03:35:48 UTC 2012

The file
is now available.

This reflects the changes circulated last week by the tz co-ordinator
(Arthur David Olson).   Just in case it isn't obvious, this is a data
only update (no code changes) tzcode2012b remains the current code version.

The executive summary of the changes:

		Summer time changes for Morocco (to start late April 2012)

		Changes for 2012 for Gaza & the West Bank (Hebron) and Syria

		Haiti following US/Canada rules for 2012 (and we're assuming,
		for now anyway, for the future).

Crypto hashes using several algorithms from NetBSD's pkgsrc digest program
are appended, you can use these to verify that you have successfully fetched
the same file that I intended to distribute (which is a tar.gz file that ado
sent me to distribute).

A few words on the logistics of all of this ... my term maintaining this
stuff ended when ado & Paul returned after the law suit was withdrawn.
For now, Arthur is the co-ordinator again, but as you have all seen on
the list, the plan is for Paul to take over soon, in accordance with Arthur's
long stated plan to retire sometime this year.

The files are still being distributed from munnari.oz.au as (as I understand
it) elsie is no longer available for this function, and arrangements to
make it convenient to use the IANA site as a distribution point will
probably not be made until after Paul has taken over.   I expect the
file will be copied to the IANA site sometime later today.


MD5 (tzdata2012c.tar.gz) = cfdc2710bd05c26dbd624441d57028f6
RMD160 (tzdata2012c.tar.gz) = cf38b711231e0ddba2b4c0f7be4d18658d751774
SHA1 (tzdata2012c.tar.gz) = e0cd9c2cc0ac8d90ed842133b910d4bb3bc1a6dd
SHA512 (tzdata2012c.tar.gz) = c43630f0bf1973b368229c788da90965d7c8b0d6dc8aa0f4bcbfac018a8c8291e1eb21cae05282df2eba6ec9a647c53c02fd92fea91fd5cb93855808387e52b9
TIGER (tzdata2012c.tar.gz) = 75f21b8b8645630cf679fbdd37f5d5789ace4ad69ebe9f26
WHIRLPOOL (tzdata2012c.tar.gz) = 119d8076a88287eb5063bd977aa63eaf918310e33b1d1f4fc60ad9ad72ed9b1d62918345e6f5786ca0ce6d5b938db1e33d05c0bdfdf70d1bd22a10ee825cf99d

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