[tz] Proposed time zone package changes (Armenia, Chile, Falklands, Tokelau, Antarctica, Creston(Canada))

Zefram zefram at fysh.org
Mon Feb 27 09:39:15 UTC 2012

Robert Elz wrote:
>	tzcode: updates to reflect the current homes of the
>		mailing list and distribution files (no changes
>		to the C code at all in this version,

I'm waiting on some code changes that I proposed in October last year.
What's the plan for them?

<20111011204409.GA7679 at lake.fysh.org> has a patch to prevent zic
getting confused by a zone having two transitions in a month,
allowing it to correctly fill the POSIX-TZ field of Africa/Cairo.
<20111011220906.GA16264 at lake.fysh.org> has a patch (with a correction
in <20111012082521.GA11645 at lake.fysh.org>) to make zic add an extra
transition when filling in 400 years of explicit observations that happen
to amount to no transitions, which makes the 400 year trick work properly
for America/Argentina/San_Luis.  <20111012203157.GE5839 at lake.fysh.org>
has a patch to extend the 400 years by two years, to make a 400-year
cyclic interpretation work cleanly.

Also, in <20111001140537.GB10643 at lake.fysh.org> I proposed adding an
item to tz-link.htm about DateTime::TimeZone::Tzfile.  No one expressed
an opinion on whether it should go in.


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