[tz] tz abbreviations / zdump for programmers

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Mon Jun 4 17:00:35 UTC 2012

Thanks for the email.  Some comments:

> 2.2] zone.abbr.tab proposal

This seems better, since the file could be maintained automatically
from the existing data, with a new script or whatever.  I didn't
understand this table's "localedef" column though; isn't the tz
info independent of locale?  Or are you anticipating a future feature
in which time zone abbreviations depend on locale?

> int zdump(               /// returns TRUE on success, FALSE on failure

How about instead having a little function
that, given a time, finds the next (or the previous) transition time?
That would allow iterations through transitions that'd be much easier
than poring through the output of the proposed 'zdump' function, with
no need to worry about malloc and free.

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