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was: tz abbreviations / zdump for programmers

On Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 4:34 PM, Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> wrote:

> FWIW, in Czech Republic in particular, CET is translated as "SEČ"
> (středoevropský čas), CEST as "SELČ" (~ letní ~).  So apparently, these
> things get translated.  So are zone identifiers: Europe/Prague, for
> example, should be presented to a Czech user as "Evropa/Praha", or some
> such (the slash may be understandable, but maybe it should be somehow
> localized away as well).  So you do need translations of these strings.
> Even to English, as a matter of fact: "Africa/Addis_Ababa" should
> probably be presented as "Africa/Addis Ababa".  I think that the
> situation with abbreviations is similar.

Identifiers are /not/ in English, like ISO country codes, or ISO
language codes are /not/ in English. Not even the components are
defined to be in English:

America/Bahia_Banderas - Bahia de Banderas
Antarctica/DumontDUrville -  Dumont d'Urville Station
Indian/... - Indian Ocean

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