[tz] Are these valid timezone definitions?

david singleton dsingleton at mvista.com
Wed Jun 6 19:17:57 UTC 2012

I posted a question earlier about a problem with exporting TZ,  which 
was caused by
a typo in the timezone man page on my ubuntu 10.10 system.  When the typo
was fixed the daylight savings end worked correctly.

I've been given a new test in which one case seem to show a problem of 
when daylight savings starts,  and one case when daylight savings ends.

When a timezone is defined as : export 
the time is set one hour ahead when daylight savings begins.

When I define a timezone with  export 
there is no change in time when daylight savings ends.

Is this a known problem?  Or a problem with how the timezones are defined?

I'll attach the test case.


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