[tz] Idea for internationalized time point unique time zone abbreviations

Mark Davis ☕ mark at macchiato.com
Fri Jun 8 17:10:45 UTC 2012

Just FYI.

In Unicode CLDR we needed to define a set of abbreviations for timezone
IDs. They have a different purpose than what's been discussed here; they
are purely internal ids, and only required because of restrictions in BCP47
(so they all needed to be sequences of 3 to 8 ASCII alphanumerics - case
not significant).

What we did was use the United Nations LOCODE values whenever available,
which are all 5 characters long and start with the country code. When there
wasn't one available, we used values that were not of length 5 so that they
wouldn't collide with future values. So America/Los_Angeles gets "uslax",
while Etc/GMT-1 gets "utce01".

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