[tz] tz abbreviations / zdump for programmers

Boruch Baum boruch_baum at gmx.com
Tue Jun 19 19:46:22 UTC 2012

On 06/06/2012 11:28 AM, Boruch Baum wrote:
> Thank you all for your feedback.
> I'll continue my work, and report back when I have a deliverable 
> for zdump() etc.


I've pushed a first commit to github with a C function to retrieve data
from zoneinfo files. The repository includes a program to test the
function (zdtest), a program to view a zoneinfo file's contents in
order to verify the output (tzif-display), a man page (zdump.3) and
two tangential bash scripts to illustrate the lack of localization
of timezone abbreviations.

In order to complete testing the function, I'm looking for zoneinfo
files that use the 'J' ruleset (as opposed to the 'M' ruleset). Does
anyone know of a zoneinfo file that uses the 'J' ruleset? Does
anyone on the list have a package of 'theoretical' zoneinfo files
that I could use for testing?

All are welcome to try out the code, and please report any bugs,
unexpected behaviours, or missing features. Also, any other feedback
is welcome. Bugs and "issues" can be reported either via github
(more convenient for me) or directly by e-mail to me (if github is
not convenient for you).

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