[tz] Proposal for a modern 'Collapsed' Namespace

Walter walter.stanish at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 01:59:11 UTC 2012

Hi there,

I would like to propose solving the following issues for many users by
adding a new file in the TZ database:
 - The much referenced issue of 1.4 billion+ people on Beijing time
being semantically mismatched to their timezone entry, which for lack
of meaningful alternative timezone identification strings winds up
getting displayed to users.
 - The lack of a functional entry for the widely used but unofficial
Xinjiang or Wulumuqi time of western China.
 - General accrual of crufty old timezones.
 - The need for a shared database of decent multilingual timezone
names and descriptions.
 - The problem of how to display a timezone to the user that is
detected via zone.tab and GeoIP, or similar methods.

Please find attached my proposal, which is born of developer
requirements and primarily the consideration for end user experience
rather than that of historical correctness in edge cases.

Kind regards,
Walter Stanish
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