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Forwarded from the International Sundial List, that I am also on...

The announcement for a AAS splinter meeting on the leap second / UTC 
issue is appended.  We welcome the participation of members of the 
sundial community who will be attending the American Astronomical 
Society meeting or those who may be located near Washington, DC.  AAS 
registration is not required to participate. Please forward the 
announcement to anybody you think might be interested in the future of 
solar time.

Rob Seaman

Dear Colleague,

This is an announcement of a splinter meeting to be held at the upcoming 
223rd Meeting of the American Astronomical Society at the Gaylord 
National Resort near Washington, DC:

The Future of Time
Sunday, 5 January 2014
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
National Harbor 6 (note room change)

Time is a very broad subject and contacts are being made among distant 
corners of the AAS community, including history and E/PO, observatory 
operations, software and systems, and in various fields of research.

The topic is a proposal being vigorously pursued within the 
International Telecommunication Union, an agency of the United Nations, 
that would redefine Coordinated Universal TIme (the time on your alarm 
clock, wristwatch, computer and smartphone) to no longer be tied to the 
rotation of the Earth.

We will discuss the historical context for this unprecedented proposal, 
as well as its significant implications for the practice of astronomy. 
  More details are on the web page (w/ links to preprints from two 
previous meetings in 2011 and 2013):


To maximize flexibility for attendees, the Future of Time agenda is 
split into two 2 hour sessions (below).  Your participation will be 
welcome at either or both sessions.

Rob Seaman, NOAO
Ken Seidelmann, U. Virginia
Arnold Rots, SAO
Alison Peck, NRAO

Session 1 - The Future of Time I – historical context  (1:00 pm)
A (brief) history of time in astronomy (K. Seidelmann, UVA)
Time scales and concepts (A. Rots, SAO)
Time and Navigation: The Untold Story of Getting From Here to There (A. 
Johnston, NASM)
Time and the Earth: Long term trends (for F. R. Stephenson, Durham 

Session 2 - The Future of Time II – operational timekeeping issues (3:00 pm)
The Name of Time: terminology requirements for UTC (Kara Warburton, 
Chair, ISO TC 37)
Performing a UTC software inventory (R. Seaman, NOAO)
Software and astronomical system engineering for time (TBA)
Network time and infrastructure (Harlan Stenn, Network Time Foundation)
Discussion: Operational implications for observatories (A. Peck, ALMA)

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