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I note in the iana time zone database for Europe that it states the


# From Alexander Krivenyshev (2011-06-14):


# According to Kremlin press service, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

# signed a federal law "On calculation of time" on June 9, 2011.


# According to the law Russia is abolishing daylight saving time.




# Medvedev signed a law "On the Calculation of Time" (in russian):

# <a href="http://bmockbe.ru/events/?ID=7583">


# http://bmockbe.ru/events/?ID=7583


# </a>




# Medvedev signed a law on the calculation of the time (in russian):

# <a href="http://www.regnum.ru/news/polit/1413906.html">


# http://www.regnum.ru/news/polit/1413906.html


# </a>


# From Arthur David Olson (2011-06-15):


# Take "abolishing daylight saving time" to mean that time is now considered

# to be standard.



Note that an Oracle Support document (reference Russia abandons DST in 2011
- Impact on Oracle RDBMS [ID 1335999.1])  relating to the change in Russia
includes the following information


Russian State Duma passed the third reading of the bill 509727-5 "On the
Calculation of Time" (in Russia) and adopted a law abolishing the transition
to daylight saving time.
The old rule was to move back on last Sunday of October (30 October 2011)
The Russian timezones will stay on the "summertime".
For Questions/official statements about the DST change itself, please
contact the Russian Government

I think this is contrary to Mr Olsons assertion that abolishing now means





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