[tz] Proposal to use Asia/Tel_Aviv for Israel - Jerusalem is not internationally recognized as part of Israel

Antoine Leca Antoine at Leca-Marti.org
Mon May 13 09:31:39 UTC 2013

Ephraim Silverberg wrote:
> With regard to the populations of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, there are
> two municipal entities: the Municipality of Jerusalem and the
> Municipality of Tel-Aviv-Jafo (note that Tel-Aviv and Jafo are one
> municipal entity so perhaps Asia/Tel_Aviv_Jafo would be a better
> way to express this alias to Asia/Jerusalem) -- see
> http://www.tel-aviv.gov.il/
> There concepts Greater/Metro Jerusalem and  Greater/Metro Tel-Aviv are
> literary and, perhaps, political concepts but do not represent any real
> municipal boundaries.
Yet, those "Greater Area" are very probably the concepts which are
relevant here, which is about the appreciation of which is the "most
populous among locations in [the area]."

Perhaps the loosely-defined terms reflect the fact that this part of
Theory was written in 1997 to fix in words a long-standing tradition, in
a different context than today's: perhaps they reflect a bias toward the
situation of USA, where a number of states have a relatively small city,
like Sacramento, as official capital, when it is easier and much more
common to identify the area with a bigger city, like Los Angeles, which
is also where a bigger part of the TZ users will be actually living. But
I am pretty sure the intent is not to stick with the "municipal limits"
(whatever this may mean) to determine the name of the zones: the idea
seems clearly to aim at the easiest-to-guess location, for example when
you reach a new place and need to reconfigure (quickly) your system to
show the correct clock.


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