[tz] Dropping iso3166.tab

David Patte ₯ dpatte at relativedata.com
Tue May 21 01:39:35 UTC 2013

Actually, in principle, I like the Mr. Eggert's concept of removing the 
political aspect of the distribution.

There is no doubt that by associating country codes to cities, it 
invites political discussion since countries are political entities.
And such discussions seem to make some people very uncomfortable when 
discussions point out incompatibilities with international political 

But I can understand as well that most software may be using those 
country codes.

So therefore, I would think that where possible its just simpler to 
follow recognize international standards (such as the UN) when improving 
the database.

And by the way, my interest is only in making the database accessible to 
the most number of peopleS, no matter their political affiliation.

On 2013-05-20 20:10, Paul_Koning at dell.com wrote:
> Then the trolls can do battle

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