[tz] On merging timezones - a radical proposal.

Paul_Koning at Dell.com Paul_Koning at Dell.com
Thu May 23 00:49:33 UTC 2013

On May 22, 2013, at 8:35 PM, John Hawkinson wrote:

> I think all the proposals are a mistake (dropping zone.tab, merging
> timezones, etc.).
> We may like to pretend the tz database doesn't contain political
> information, but it simply is not so.
> We may like to think users don't use TZ idenfiers, but it simply isn't
> so.
> Forcing users who are happy with their current identifiers to use
> other ones (or making the ones they are currently using non-canonical)
> will simply annoying people and create a lot of stress.
> I think we are best served with the status quo.

I think so too.  But various people have been grinding various political axes (to be charitable; I will continue to refrain from calling it what I actually believe it is because I don't want to start a major flame war) long enough that the people doing real work seem to be looking for some tolerable compromise.


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