[tz] Antarctica/McMurdo

Wolfgang Pausch wolfgang.pausch at iteg.at
Wed Oct 16 08:16:05 UTC 2013


in my application, I used Antarctica/McMurdo in some test case.

In version 2013d, file antarctica contained an entry

# McMurdo, Ross Island, since 1955-12
Zone Antarctica/McMurdo	0	-	zzz	1956
			12:00	NZAQ	NZ%sT

which is gone in version 2013g.  However, McMurdo is still referenced both in 
australasia in a link, and in the zone.tab file:

~/tmp/tzdata$ grep McMurdo *
antarctica:# "in the US Camp (East Camp) we have been on New Zealand (McMurdo)
antarctica:# McMurdo Station, Ross Island, since 1955-12
antarctica:# as supplies for the station were coming from McMurdo Sound,
antarctica:# We use the same time as McMurdo does.
antarctica:# See 'australasia' for Antarctica/McMurdo.
australasia:Link Pacific/Auckland Antarctica/McMurdo
zone.tab:AQ     -7750+16636     Antarctica/McMurdo      McMurdo, South Pole, 
Scott (New Zealand time)

I guess this is a inconsistency in the tzdata files...?


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