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Gwillim Law gwillim at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 01:53:14 UTC 2013

A correspondent who is usually well informed about time zone matters sent
me a correction to my time zone data for Western Sahara. He says that
Western Sahara observes daylight saving time, just as Morocco does. The tz
database shows it as Africa/El_Aaiun with no DST.

The status of Western Sahara is disputed, but Morocco has de facto control
over some 80% of the territory, including El Aaiun (a.k.a. Laâyoune). It
seems logical that the clocks would be set to the same time as Morocco. For
what it's worth, the CIA World Factbook says that in Western Sahara,
DST "begins
last Sunday in April; ends last Sunday in September."

If it can be confirmed that El Aaiun's time is the same as Morocco's, the
Zone info for Africa/El_Aaiun should be changed to match Africa/Casablanca,
at least after 1991-09-06 (the date of the cease-fire that ended the
Western Sahara War), and possibly as far back as 1976-02-20 (the date when
Spain abandoned its possessions there).

Gwillim Law
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