[tz] [PATCH] Revert recent pre-1970 changes.

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Sep 1 23:56:16 UTC 2013

Guy Harris wrote:
> Where I'm sitting right now as I type this sentence, the local time is 4:24 PM and the offset from UTC is -7:00.
And if I apply that offset in 6 months time will I get the right local time?
How do I find what the right offset should be in 6 months time? I currently 
don't have enough information.
Easiest way is ask for their location which usually starts with a country code 
and then we don't have to display the whole list of timezones ? Just a sub-set 
if required ... If I just ask for their 'timezone' then I still need to ask for 
the country anyway. Providing country code as part of the data simply helps the 
process of asking.

( Wouldn't it be nice if the browser returned a timezone rather than a 
meaningless offset - but I've been asking that one for 10+ years :) )

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