[tz] [PATCH] Revert recent pre-1970 changes.

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Sep 2 18:39:52 UTC 2013

Guy Harris wrote:
>>>> ( Wouldn't it be nice if the browser returned a timezone rather than a meaningless offset - but I've been asking that one for 10+ years:)  )
>>> >>To which browser are you referring?
>> >Every browser can only return your current time offset, not the actual time zone, so anything else is a guess:(
> OK, let me ask the question again:
> 	To which browser are you referring?  Firefox?  Internet Explorer?  Safari?  Chrome?  Opera?  Konqueror?  Netscape Navigator?  Mosaic?  WorldWideWeb/Nexus? ...
> Or, instead, let me ask the question that my expanded question indicates needs to be asked:
> 	What do you mean by "browser"?

The current 'html' standards only allow for the return of the current time 
offset between the local time at the site of the browser and UTC. This 
laughingly called the timezone Offset, but lacks that important piece of 
information to identify which timezone. i.e. it has no information on the 
daylight saving information.

http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_gettimezoneoffset.asp as you will see 
identifies all major browsers as supporting this.

It was the problems of displaying a calendar for international web based events 
without a client logging in which first got me involved with the tz database ... 
you can't display that calendar in 'local time' until the client provides their 
timezone manually.

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