[tz] Adding verified historic details

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Wed Sep 4 22:48:04 UTC 2013

Ángel González wrote:
>> Deleting any data is wrong. If users have a reason for only viewing part of
>> the data then fair enough, but we have the opportunity here to get this right
>> before it becomes embedded in every browser. That does not want a broken set
>> of timezones with this arbitrary cutoff - THAT is the very thing some of us
>> want to get away from.
> I don't know why a browser would want to embed its own copy of tz, but this
> seems the wrong example. Actually, I think browsers should not expose the full
> tz rules, as that would allow to pinpoint the user quite accurately by probing
> old timezones that aren't actually needed by web apps.

If one is looking at ONLY displaying current dates, then that is not a problem, 
but why have one display process for current dates and a different one for 
historic dates? My point is that if you ask for historic dates is should be 
handled the same as a current one. Time didn't start in 1970 ... even if some 
computers still think it did.

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