[tz] Rules for TZ+ database

Patrice Scattolin patrice.scattolin at oracle.com
Thu Sep 5 20:02:29 UTC 2013

Paul's scenario can and I am sure does occur especially in jurisdictions 
where the timezone changes are only known weeks in advanced from the 
date they take effect. That's a political problem not a software one.  I 
am sure that the people to whom this really matter (I am thinking the 
airline industries) probably track this carefully enough and are able to 
make the needed adjustment to their schedule. But you are right, in 
order for that to happen correctly both the time and the timezone has to 
be noted so that a correction can be applied properly.

On 05/09/2013 3:48 PM, Lester Caine wrote:
> Paul Eggert wrote:
>> Even
>> if the tz database were perfect and complete for all past
>> time stamps, such a requirement would still go awry with
>> time stamps in the future: if someone now schedules a
>> meeting for October 1, 13:00, Casablanca time, and Morocco
>> changes its rules between now and then, software will mess
>> up after the rule change if it blithely relies on UTC
>> conversions that were computed before the change.
> Which is why the location of every event is important, the 
> housekeeping going forward has to take care of the change of time of 
> an event. If this is an international event in Casablanca then all of 
> the other delegates need to be informed of the time change THAT is the 
> reason for normalized times. If it is now an hour earlier or later 
> flight bookings may need changing! Information about the CHANGE is 
> critical for a number of reasons.


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