[tz] Rules for TZ+ database

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Fri Sep 6 20:02:08 UTC 2013

Patrice Scattolin wrote:
> I am not suggesting a change in how dates are exchanged between agents. Both UTC
> dates and local time dates have their advantages and disadvantages.

When managing sites where users log in from around the world, we log all 
activity using UTC. That is the only way to do it. We then display that 
information based currently on the timezone they enter in their account profile 
as we can't do that from their browser information. When an anonymous user logs 
in we use UTC since we can't display 'local' times based on their browser return 
in case there IS a change of daylight saving in the calendar period being 

The current discussion is how we then handle this normalised data when scrolling 
the calendar back past 1970 ;) It may not matter if the time is displayed an 
hour wrong, but it would be nice to be consistent.

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