[tz] winnow patches

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Sat Sep 7 15:50:19 UTC 2013

It's glorious, a testimonial to the tool's design, how much can be achieved
with awk.

At about the point where the need to do sophisticated tasks brings the code
out of the common, almost universally portable subset, and you find
yourself writing to one particular dialect, perhaps a richer language might
support a better solution.

I'm not an awk programmer, but I do shell scripts occasionally, and about
the point where it becomes tempting to code to a superset of Bourne shell
like bash or zsh or whatever, I tend to change languages.

A tool that doesn't have to be run at single-user boot time is less
confined in choice of tools.

Does this tool really need to be portable to busybox, or other such spare
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