[tz] Using MediaWiki / Wikidata

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Wed Sep 11 07:19:35 UTC 2013

Kevin Lyda wrote:
> Your experimental github repo comes with a wiki. You can make changes in the
> same way you do code changes.
> It wouldn't be hugely difficult to render that into HTML to also be hosted at IANA.

I was waiting on someone saying that ;)

The problem with the github wiki and the sourceforge and other code management 
site wiki's is that they don't allow the sort of control that is needed to 
maintain what will be essentially a reference document to the decisions on data 
in the tz database itself. DVCS is good at managing packages of material making 
up a software project, but documents need a fine grain control, which the 
history mechanism does partially address, but access to update needs a different 
access model.

Personally I would still like to see a PAIR of DVCS repos, one with the tz data 
and a separate repo with the software. This will allow management of releases of 
the data along with a complete historic record which can then be used by 
alternate packages of software. In github terms, this repo could have an 
attached wiki that can be used to store submissions of evidence to the currently 
well know holes in the data. But the 'published' documents need to be a little 
more locked down?

At this stage I'm just saying that using's Paul's github account is not the 
right venue for a production repository and moving forward is reliance on a 
third party system a good idea? Remember sourceforge? Why are we not using that 

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