[tz] Proposal to restrict field separator to tab

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Sep 16 15:12:00 UTC 2013

random832 at fastmail.us wrote:
>> >That said, I am using the tab on these lines to indicate how that line is
>> >handled, so a space there would cause a problem anyway, and I drop the
>> >'extra'
>> >field to line things up again ...
> Why do you need something there to show how the line is handled? It's a
> continuation line because it's immediately after a zone/continuation
> line that doesn't have a termination date. As I understand the format,
> it's completely valid to have a continuation line with_no_  leading
> whitespace.

Convenience ....
MOST of the tabulated data I'm pulling into systems one identifies the type of 
line and then pulls the data into the correct separate fields. IF a comment was 
included in the listing, then one would see the '#' and push that line into the 
info memo.
The tab is currently a convenient tag to check then throw away just as the '#' 
is. Actually that then aligns the remaining fields with the right elements.

But I'm just reusing existing routines. Reworking will come once I have data to 
play with.

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