[tz] draft of change summary for next tz release

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Sep 18 15:12:32 UTC 2013

Lester Caine wrote:
> I'm trying to help with the idea of the addition of 'thousands' of timezones,
> and in the end if there is evidence for thousands in the USA

Not just in the US.  There would be thousands in the
rest of the world too.

> It sounds as if small pockets of communities combined over a period of time

That's a problem, but it's not the only problem.  Communities also
changed their minds about the time.  Sometimes this was due to
a war (the conquering army would keep its capital's time), sometimes
other political events.

I wouldn't be surprised if (say) France would need even more zones
than the US, due to the wars fought there.  Shanks lists fewer
zones for France than for Indiana, but I suspect that's merely
because Shanks lived near Indiana and could better research for

I do like the idea of having an 'extended' file, for zones that
are not likely to be of general interest.  Right now, though,
we're just trying to get the next release out.

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