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Alois Treindl alois at astro.ch
Wed Sep 18 16:42:52 UTC 2013

On 18.09.13 16:58, Paul Eggert wrote:
> Wallace, Malcolm wrote:
>> No attempt was made to show whether Liechtenstein
>> follows the timezone rules for neighbouring Switzerland
> Actually I made the attempt, and came up empty.
> And it wasn't a casual attempt: I scoured the literature,
> both online and in paper, in both English and German,
> in the best research library in southern California.
> Of course I may have missed something, and the National
> Library of Liechtenstein would probably be a better
> library for this; but I did try.
> Alois Treindl wrote:
>> Vaduz (Liechtenstein) is a different country, with a
>> different timezone history: no DST in 1941 and 1942.
> I'm sorry, but there is no real evidence to support
> this claim, and I doubt that it's true.  Shanks doesn't
> count as evidence, as he just makes things up.  The Swiss
> astrology books don't count either, as they just make things
> up too -- my recent research proved them to be inventions
> even for *Switzerland*, so why should we pay attention
> to them for a neighboring country?

OK, I can confirm in this case that your intuition was right, and mine 
was wrong.
You can link Europe/Vaduz to Europe/Zurich

I found this source:
which confirms on page 6 that Liechtenstein followed Switzerland in 1941 
and 1942

I attach a screen copy, and translate only the last two paragraphs:

..during second world war, in the years 1941 and 1942, Liechtenstein 
introduced daylight saving time, adapting to Switzerland. From 1943 on 
central European time was in force throughout the year.

 From a report of the duke's government to the high council, regarding 
the introduction of a time law, of 31 May 1977.

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