[tz] [tz-announce] tzcode2013e and tzdata2013e available

Carlos Raúl Perasso crperasso at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 19:48:12 UTC 2013

Hi Waldemar,

The rules established by D10780 were incorporated into release 2013c of the
TZ database (the current is 2013e).

Rule    Para    2010    max    -    Oct    Sun>=1    0:00    1:00    S


Rule    Para    2013    max    -    Mar    Sun>=22    0:00    0    -

are active since then.

Un abrazo,

  Carlos Perasso

On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 2:34 PM, Waldemar Villamayor-Venialbo <
wvenialbo at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello.
> Please take note:
> America/Paraguay will start DST on October 6, 2013.
> The current rules are established by the Presidence Decree # 10780 given
> on 2013 March 15. Local Standard Time (LST) begins on the fourth Sunday of
> March, and Daylight Saving Time (DST) on the first Sunday of October.
> No time of the day is established for the adjustment, so people normally
> adjust their clocks at 0 hour of the given dates.
> These rules are not established on a basis of natural daylight duration,
> but on basis of statistics of electric power consumption. So these rules
> often change.
> Greetings.
> Waldemar Villamayor-Venialbo
> Paraguayan Astronomical Almanac - Editor
> 2013/9/20 Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu>
>> The 2013e release of the tz code and data is available.  It reflects
>> the following changes circulated on the tz mailing list:
>>   Changes affecting near-future time stamps
>>     This year Fiji will start DST on October 27, not October 20.
>>     (Thanks to David Wheeler for the heads-up.)  For now, guess that
>>     Fiji will continue to spring forward the Sunday before the fourth
>>     Monday in October.
>>   Changes affecting current and future time zone abbreviations
>>     Use WIB/WITA/WIT rather than WIT/CIT/EIT for alphabetic Indonesian
>>     time zone abbreviations since 1932.  (Thanks to George Ziegler,
>>     Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo, Zakaria, Jason Grimes, Martin Pitt, and
>>     Benny Lin.)  This affects Asia/Dili, Asia/Jakarta, Asia/Jayapura,
>>     Asia/Makassar, and Asia/Pontianak.
>>     Use ART (UTC-3, standard time), rather than WARST (also UTC-3, but
>>     daylight saving time) for San Luis, Argentina since 2009.
>>   Changes affecting Godthab time stamps after 2037 if version mismatch
>>     Allow POSIX-like TZ strings where the transition time's hour can
>>     range from -167 through 167, instead of the POSIX-required 0
>>     through 24.  E.g., TZ='FJT-12FJST,M10.3.1/146,M1.3.4/75' for the
>>     new Fiji rules.  This is a more-compact way to represent
>>     far-future time stamps for America/Godthab, America/Santiago,
>>     Antarctica/Palmer, Asia/Gaza, Asia/Hebron, Asia/Jerusalem,
>>     Pacific/Easter, and Pacific/Fiji.  Other zones are unaffected by
>>     this change.  (Derived from a suggestion by Arthur David Olson.)
>>     Allow POSIX-like TZ strings where daylight saving time is in
>>     effect all year.  E.g., TZ='WART4WARST,J1/0,J365/25' for Western
>>     Argentina Summer Time all year.  This supports a more-compact way
>>     to represent the 2013d data for America/Argentina/San_Luis.
>>     Because of the change for San Luis noted above this change does not
>>     affect the current data.  (Thanks to Andrew Main (Zefram) for
>>     suggestions that improved this change.)
>>     Where these two TZ changes take effect, there is a minor extension
>>     to the tz file format in that it allows new values for the
>>     embedded TZ-format string, and the tz file format version number
>>     has therefore been increased from 2 to 3 as a precaution.
>>     Version-2-based client code should continue to work as before for
>>     all time stamps before 2038.  Existing version-2-based client code
>>     (tzcode, GNU/Linux, Solaris) has been tested on version-3-format
>>     files, and typically works in practice even for time stamps after
>>     2037; the only known exception is America/Godthab.
>>   Changes affecting time stamps before 1970
>>     Pacific/Johnston is now a link to Pacific/Honolulu.  This corrects
>>     some errors before 1947.
>>     Some zones have been turned into links, when they differ from
>>     existing zones only in older data that was likely invented or that
>>     differs only in LMT or transition from LMT.  These changes affect
>>     only time stamps before 1943.  The affected zones are:
>>     Africa/Juba, America/Anguilla, America/Aruba, America/Dominica,
>>     America/Grenada, America/Guadeloupe, America/Marigot,
>>     America/Montserrat, America/St_Barthelemy, America/St_Kitts,
>>     America/St_Lucia, America/St_Thomas, America/St_Vincent,
>>     America/Tortola, and Europe/Vaduz.  (Thanks to Alois Treindl for
>>     confirming that the old Europe/Vaduz zone was wrong and the new
>>     link is better for WWII-era times.)
>>     Change Kingston Mean Time from -5:07:12 to -5:07:11.  This affects
>>     America/Cayman, America/Jamaica and America/Grand_Turk time stamps
>>     from 1890 to 1912.
>>     Change the UT offset of Bern Mean Time from 0:29:44 to 0:29:46.
>>     This affects Europe/Zurich time stamps from 1853 to 1894.  (Thanks
>>     to Alois Treindl).
>>     Change the date of the circa-1850 Zurich transition from 1849-09-12
>>     to 1853-07-16, overriding Shanks with data from Messerli about
>>     postal and telegraph time in Switzerland.
>>   Changes affecting time zone abbreviations before 1970
>>     For Asia/Jakarta, use BMT (not JMT) for mean time from 1923 to 1932,
>>     as Jakarta was called Batavia back then.
>>   Changes affecting API
>>     The 'zic' command now outputs a dummy transition when far-future
>>     data can't be summarized using a TZ string, and uses a 402-year
>>     window rather than a 400-year window.  For the current data, this
>>     affects only the Asia/Tehran file.  It does not affect any of the
>>     time stamps that this file represents, so zdump outputs the same
>>     information as before.  (Thanks to Andrew Main (Zefram).)
>>     The 'date' command has a new '-r' option, which lets you specify
>>     the integer time to display, a la FreeBSD.
>>     The 'tzselect' command has two new options '-c' and '-n', which lets
>> you
>>     select a zone based on latitude and longitude.
>>     The 'zic' command's '-v' option now warns about constructs that
>>     require the new version-3 binary file format.  (Thanks to Arthur
>>     David Olson for the suggestion.)
>>     Support for floating-point time_t has been removed.
>>     It was always dicey, and POSIX no longer requires it.
>>     (Thanks to Eric Blake for suggesting to the POSIX committee to
>>     remove it, and thanks to Alan Barrett, Clive D.W. Feather, Andy
>>     Heninger, Arthur David Olson, and Alois Treindl, for reporting
>>     bugs and elucidating some of the corners of the old floating-point
>>     implementation.)
>>     The signatures of 'offtime', 'timeoff', and 'gtime' have been
>>     changed back to the old practice of using 'long' to represent UT
>>     offsets.  This had been inadvertently and mistakenly changed to
>>     'int_fast32_t'.  (Thanks to Christos Zoulos.)
>>     The code avoids undefined behavior on integer overflow in some
>>     more places, including gmtime, localtime, mktime and zdump.
>>   Changes affecting the zdump utility
>>     zdump now outputs "UT" when referring to Universal Time, not "UTC".
>>     "UTC" does not make sense for time stamps that predate the
>> introduction
>>     of UTC, whereas "UT", a more-generic term, does.  (Thanks to Steve
>> Allen
>>     for clarifying UT vs UTC.)
>>   Data changes affecting behavior of tzselect and similar programs
>>     Country code BQ is now called the more-common name "Caribbean
>> Netherlands"
>>     rather than the more-official "Bonaire, St Eustatius & Saba".
>>     Remove from zone.tab the names America/Montreal, America/Shiprock,
>>     and Antarctica/South_Pole, as they are equivalent to existing
>>     same-country-code zones for post-1970 time stamps.  The data for
>>     these names are unchanged, so the names continue to work as before.
>>   Changes affecting code internals
>>     zic -c now runs way faster on 64-bit hosts when given large numbers.
>>     zic now uses vfprintf to avoid allocating and freeing some memory.
>>     tzselect now computes the list of continents from the data,
>>     rather than have it hard-coded.
>>     Minor changes pacify GCC 4.7.3 and GCC 4.8.1.
>>   Changes affecting the build procedure
>>     The 'leapseconds' file is now generated automatically from a
>>     new file 'leap-seconds.list', which is a copy of
>>     <ftp://time.nist.gov/pub/leap-seconds.list>.
>>     A new source file 'leapseconds.awk' implements this.
>>     The goal is simplification of the future maintenance of 'leapseconds'.
>>     When building the 'posix' or 'right' subdirectories, if the
>>     subdirectory would be a copy of the default subdirectory, it is
>>     now made a symbolic link if that is supported.  This saves about
>>     2 MB of file system space.
>>     The links America/Shiprock and Antarctica/South_Pole have been
>>     moved to the 'backward' file.  This affects only nondefault builds
>>     that omit 'backward'.
>>   Changes affecting version-control only
>>     .gitignore now ignores 'date'.
>>   Changes affecting documentation and commentary
>>     Changes to the 'tzfile' man page
>>       It now mentions that the binary file format may be extended in
>>       future versions by appending data.
>>       It now refers to the 'zdump' and 'zic' man pages.
>>     Changes to the 'zic' man page
>>       It lists conditions that elicit a warning with '-v'.
>>       It says that the behavior is unspecified when duplicate names
>>       are given, or if the source of one link is the target of another.
>>       Its examples are updated to match the latest data.
>>       The definition of white space has been clarified slightly.
>>       (Thanks to Michael Deckers.)
>>     Changes to the 'Theory' file
>>       There is a new section about the accuracy of the tz database,
>>       describing the many ways that errors can creep in, and
>>       explaining why so many of the pre-1970 time stamps are wrong or
>>       misleading (thanks to Steve Allen, Lester Caine, and Garrett
>>       Wollman for discussions that contributed to this).
>>       The 'Theory' file describes LMT better (this follows a
>>       suggestion by Guy Harris).
>>       It refers to the 2013 edition of POSIX rather than the 2004 edition.
>>       It's mentioned that excluding 'backward' should not affect the
>>       other data, and it suggests at least one zone.tab name per
>>       inhabited country (thanks to Stephen Colebourne).
>>       Some longstanding restrictions on names are documented, e.g.,
>>       'America/New_York' precludes 'America/New_York/Bronx'.
>>       It gives more reasons for the 1970 cutoff.
>>       It now mentions which time_t variants are supported, such as
>>       signed integer time_t.  (Thanks to Paul Goyette for reporting
>>       typos in an experimental version of this change.)
>>       (Thanks to Philip Newton for correcting typos in these changes.)
>>     Documentation and commentary is more careful to distinguish UT in
>>     general from UTC in particular.  (Thanks to Steve Allen.)
>>     Add a better source for the Zurich 1894 transition.
>>     (Thanks to Pierre-Yves Berger.)
>>     Update shapefile citations in tz-link.htm.  (Thanks to Guy Harris.)
>> Here are links to the release files:
>>   ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/releases/tzcode2013e.tar.gz
>>   ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/releases/tzdata2013e.tar.gz
>> The files are also available via HTTP as follows:
>>   http://www.iana.org/time-zones/repository/releases/tzcode2013e.tar.gz
>>   http://www.iana.org/time-zones/repository/releases/tzdata2013e.tar.gz
>> Each release file has a GPG signature, which can be retrieved by
>> appending ".asc" to the above URLs.  Copies of these signatures are
>> appended to this message.
>> As usual, links to the latest release files are here:
>>   http://www.iana.org/time-zones/repository/tzcode-latest.tar.gz
>>   http://www.iana.org/time-zones/repository/tzdata-latest.tar.gz
>>   ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/tzcode-latest.tar.gz
>>   ftp://ftp.iana.org/tz/tzdata-latest.tar.gz
>> This release corresponds to commit
>> db6270a00d1a364865f3080ac41d8d6d42f5c833
>> dated Thu Sep 19 23:50:04 2013 -0700
>> in the unofficial github repository at <https://github.com/eggert/tz>.
>> Here are the GPG checksums for the release files:
>> Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)
>> iQIcBAABAgAGBQJSO/DcAAoJEO2X6Q5iqn40rbIQAJcRAifvpdyKii++x7uB3JEd
>> zYLCM9U2AkQXySjr6f4LYyPM7gEj9VvXRI4Ux3ZZ1tfxKW4dIJwjGjqjPIug/zmz
>> khc0yJvrlUukCd9rDQZR+LRHNLPeUsSaSnC/5iM8UuzYIV4PYJLyI1+yob/4X6wq
>> 9ompg+Fm/0jNHIh35ICq5QsCdIBMJxAN2QMwp5v3cbcmOKQQHrrGW89K4jlkzfL5
>> GGm+oWaodSSTIprPi7qBzGFk4G84aXqKl7Da2cXKzcVd70jvmoHWEiy2J0qdqhh8
>> N6GxJJ6X9mtj+Cuau9mmiBmtxynANcSKVbVFLUmIOroCl2V9RYhyDmjzd0Nk7oew
>> v5ZGH1sTjFjPZ4bACYENLOZLVW4K32cpH8DBG47gnj9yhU5iDdAn/TwixMrZ6dSE
>> m2xNuK9aLMCzoS6dFJJMHut0ojeuqq2zuDR4OmSsh2fZDBgBWcKVDdAcNNdDdD2G
>> 5/aoWR1FPxYApkOhGlnsAZzuugxJbVA69kcWTDy/UoIui1Ozv3i8OabcUjvoU0fD
>> +umoLz7LaWFdgKT7RW17fkxIpUpikYdLxx/cBQ9mnl9BsBid+BhO2V+UEDt1w1nv
>> CG5qgjmcpFdTyzMXyDJ2c0snLh2X416+tOqOq3n8vJDlU35bPLlTVyQ4wGhZKOSn
>> PzbV+Idmr7mbTdECKs4h
>> =QOEp
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>> T2+S4vcCnIXkXGODcqyum8pY2HO0oJC6VJ+/7WnJ7U/9zWHDq/cENuQ4SnulY+dS
>> 9b/tcUePWRHJmMBB+SqQD8yFclH8C1LN5VRbh+6wAq5rgG23+Bzqe2cq1OXKxNc7
>> Z0i5JfMSSIEW6qIHjKLDIdygx7upSRjP2K+xYPjyTzszxmUZ0FEZhV9ZG2/6eNJe
>> sHXg0aXCTL3dgd1h91hQiN8CNLLv3JNx7livFD+OTTgPyh3AqE2yHBODjLg0OzYG
>> zFXryq1/bsFvJDqtDGs1BlBQYDuklaYpaCOOcbXnZMRwrgg8mD533qirSwr5Jxb3
>> XZtoG0u+yFOXb7N/ARcUVjbAG1ypfKFV4CZ1BlDbXlQNmr/5Cqpw5igAgjmuV+Ol
>> E8ZpYXB3X9eJxfNhVLtjXWTfSoQfvMi2RNG2iv0x8/PdqLFnO2mxy8PwI3JkuJX/
>> Y2zJzZCIIjJCkAinzJy45WUJGDNVnicUViJ+W9TStfKXhxvidiXGmQdh3TsyH5Kx
>> bdg3ZVHkWT19T5Pl/+7Rfqn5YO11/V3RvwGLD1mznRqhXJhosi/mp2dQCTRqqw3A
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