[tz] Gaza/West Bank likely to end DST 1 hour earlier

Andy Heninger aheninger at google.com
Wed Sep 25 22:40:12 UTC 2013

Forwarding a followup on the Gaza change with Roozbeh Pournader,


Here's the information that the tz database people have regarding the
upcoming time change in Gaza. I was just curious if the original Arabic
notice implied a specific time. The previous data had the transition
occurring at 1:00 AM.

The public tz database project has already updated this year's change to be
at midnight, based on the reports linked here.

  -- Andy

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Roozbeh Pournader
3:17 PM (12 minutes ago)

to me

I can confirm that the Arabic text itself doesn't mention either midnight
or 1am.

Interestingly, there were links from the felesteen.ps article to time
change articles last year, and those are contradictory about midnight vs

This says midnight:

While this says 1am:

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