[tz] leapseconds.awk missing from data tarball?

Meno Hochschild mhochschild at gmx.de
Thu Sep 26 20:50:44 UTC 2013

Just to notice: I am also planning to release a java time library with 
full leapsecond support (hopefully around the end of this year) so I 
greatly welcome this fix. It gracefully helps for automatic updates of 
leapsecond configurations.

Am 26.09.2013 06:45, schrieb Paul Eggert:
> Matt Burgess wrote:
>> Hmm, leapseconds still appears to be missing from the tzdata-2013f
>> tarball?  Something wrong with the tarball generation perhaps
> 2013f was generated before I read your bug report, so the change
> is not in 2013f.  The change is in the experimental version on github,
> and the goal is to incorporate it in the next release, whenever
> that is.
> You can test it by retrieving the latest experimental version,
> for example with the following GNU/Linux commands:
> wget -qO- https://api.github.com/repos/eggert/tz/tarball | tar xvzf -

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